Pediatric dentist Dr. Zmoos and his family

Meet Dr. Zmoos

Dr. Zmoos is a board eligible Pediatric dentist. The greatest joys in his life are his wife Abbey and their twin boys Sam and Mack. Their family is excited for the arrival of their third boy, expected September 2017. Dr. Zmoos always strives to help his patients and their parents feel comforted, uplifted, encouraged, and empowered before they leave. He loves to have fun, be energetic, and engage with his patients. Dr. Zmoos is a native of the Midwest and was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He studied economics at Brigham Young University and completed dental school at The University of Iowa, where he was very involved in class leadership. There he served as class president, American Student Dental Association president, and the college of dentistry student body president. After dental school Dr. Zmoos chose to specialize in pediatric dentistry and was accepted to the prestigious program in Denver, Children's Hospital Colorado. In his residency he completed research on pediatric oral sedation and showed an interest in infant frenectomies and esthetic pediatric dentistry. In his spare time Dr. Zmoos loves to do almost anything outside be it warm or cold! Golfing, fishing, skiing, hiking and wrestling his boys just to name a few! He takes pride in having adventures with his family and he is currently struggling with an addiction to diet coke and cookies.